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Raised Door Frame

Our Frame Doors are designed for use with glass or other inserts, for a beautiful, custom look. The back of the frame will be routed for a retainer strip to hold your insert. Several feet of clear retainer strip will be provided with your order.  Subtract 4.125″ from the width and height of the door to determine glass size with 1/16″ clearance on all sides.



  • Finish *

  • Grain Direction *

Hinge Pattern

Our Fronts are pre-drilled for hinges to save you time. Select a hinge pattern based on the distance from the top and bottom edge of the door. The 3" pattern (HB1) is most common. Note: Doors less than 12” tall will include 2 hinge bores located 2” from top and bottom edge.

  • Hinge Bore Pattern *


Measurements are communicated in Width x Height in inches, rounded to the nearest 1/16” (.0625). Use the Conversion Table for assistance converting inches to decimals.

Width must be greater than 10” and less than 31”.
Height must be greater than 10” and less than 60”.

  • Width *

    Min: 10Max: 31
  • Height *

    Min: 10Max: 60
  • Square Feet *

  • Price - Minimum *

  • Price - Calculated *

  • Weight (kg) *

  • Retainer Strips *

Location Label Note

Label each cabinet as you measure (e.g. Upper 1, Lower 1) and include here. This note will be printed on your product label and you can use it to organize your order for faster installation.

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    Max: 50 characters


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