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Refacing is quick turn, easy to learn and highly profitable for licensed remodelers and refinishers. F+C Pro makes it easy to add Refacing to your business. Becoming an F+C Pro is free and the perks are big: Exclusive pricing + product access, free training and dedicated technical support.

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How It Works

As an approved F+C Pro, you continue to operate your business independently, using Front + Center as your supplier for quality engineered Fronts + Refacing Supplies.

Fill out our simple application form to tell us about you and your business. After we give you the green light, you’ll be able to access our F+C Pro Portal anytime to place and track orders, access training content, download marketing materials, and contact our Refacing Specialist.

Why Pros Love Refacing

Quick Turn Projects

One of the reasons Refacing can be so profitable is because projects are quick. Most jobs will be between 2-4 days for installation, and only 4-6 weeks from the time you have an initial call with the homeowner until you’re doing the final walkthrough.

No waiting months for new cabinet boxes to arrive or waiting multiple days for paint to cure. With Refacing, you can complete several jobs a month, or use it as a fill-in between larger jobs.

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Pr oBenefits Refacing Coordination

Minimal Coordination

Refacing projects are easier for you to manage in part because the suppliers you’ll need are far fewer. For a typical remodel, you must coordinate with plumbing, electrical, cabinet boxes, countertops, flooring, backsplash, and more. The list is much shorter with Refacing!

A Remedy for Sticker Shock

As a Pro, you’re all-too-familiar with the homeowner sticker shock that often happens when you propose a full kitchen remodel. With material costs and labor shortages on the rise, this challenge is only going to get worse. Not to mention, lead times for materials like lumber are long and often unpredictable.

By offering a Refacing option, you can give clients a middle-of-the road cost option while delivering a completely refreshed style and modern functionality – all with a considerably shorter timeline.

Pro Benefits Refacing StickerShock

Is Front + Center Pro Right for You?

Front + Center Pros are licensed and insured and are already doing kitchen or bath remodels. It’s okay if that’s not all you do, but we think you’ll have the most success if you’re already familiar with what it takes to do a renovation. Most importantly, we’re looking for people who are willing to invest their time in training and learning best practices for Refacing, provide us with feedback and take action!

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