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How It Works

How It Works

Transforming your space is easy with Front + Center’s high-quality engineered doors and drawer fronts.


Check out our door styles and finish options, order free swatches, and estimate how much the project is going to cost.

Refacing: The 411

Refacing: The 411

Learn more about Refacing and take our quiz to see if your space is a good candidate for Refacing.

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Explore The Options

Explore The Options

Learn more about our engineered products and browse our selection of modern and timeless style and finish options.

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Request Free Swatches

Request Free Swatches

See for yourself what all the fuss is about. We’ll send you a free swatch deck of all our finish options so you can get an IRL (in real lighting) idea how your favorites look in your space.

Request Swatches

Estimate Your Project

Estimate Your Project

Get a ballpark idea how much the project is going to cost based on the number of openings you’ll be updating.

Get An Estimate


Whether you’re a pro with the tape measure, never learned how to read one, or somewhere in between, we’re here to help.

I'm Ready to Measure!

I’m Ready to Measure!

Follow our step-by-step instructions to measure your cabinets and calculate for your new doors, drawer fronts.


Help Me Out!

Help Me Out!

Schedule a free video consult and we’ll guide you through the measuring process to make sure all the decimals are in the right place.



It’s go time. First, create your Front + Center account, then create your cart based on your project calculations.

How It Works - Order
Ordering New Fronts

Once you have your calculations, ordering your custom doors and drawer fronts is easy. You’ll simply choose your style, then select a finish and hinge pattern and add dimensions.

From Our Door to Yours

We’ll custom make your doors in our U.S.-based manufacturing plants, and get them on their way. Typically orders ship within 2-3 weeks. Depending on where you’re located, shipping can take 1-7 days.



It’s game day. Installing your new Front + Center doors and drawer fronts is easy with our step-by-step instructions guiding you front start to finish. You got this!

How to Paint

Painting your cabinet frames and panels in a color that matches your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts is an easy way to achieve a refreshed look for your space.

How To Paint

How It Works - How To Paint
How It Works - How To Install

How to Install

Installing your new door + drawer fronts is where you really get to see your space transform. With our DIY resources, it’s as easy as pie.

How To Install

Free Technical Support


Whether you have a question about our products, need help with installation, or something else, we’re here to help!



We recommend using a high-quality, cabinet specific, paint to ensure a lasting and smooth finish. You can find a variety of paint brands at your local hardware or paint store.

  • Style: With Refinishing/Painting, you keep existing cabinet doors, so you are limited to the current style of the doors. With Refacing, all doors and drawer fronts are replaced, giving you many new style options.
  • Durability: Front + Center’s engineered finish is 6 times thicker than paint for superior durability, cleanability, and longevity.
  • Installation: You can expect the prep work for paint and Refacing to be similar, but Refacing requires less labor overall and there is no cure time, so the kitchen will be available for immediate use. Additionally, Front + Center doesn’t use any VOCs or hazardous materials in our engineered Fronts + Refacing Supplies.

We recommend Refacing before installing new countertops. Countertop installers typically use caulking +/or silicone to hide gaps and to hold countertops in place​ that would need to be scraped off cabinets and re-applied after Refacing.

You can contact us at hello@myfrontandcenter.com and we’ll help you locate a Pro in your area. We are currently building our network of Front + Center Pros, so if you know an independent contractor interested in learning Refacing, please encourage them to contact us to get exclusive pricing, tools, and Refacing training.

Yes! Becoming an F+C Pro is free, and the perks are big: Exclusive pricing + product access, free training and dedicated technical support.