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How To Install New Door + Drawer Fronts

How To Install New Door + Drawer Fronts

You’ll Need:

  • Powered drill
  • Set of various sized drill bits
  • #2 Philips hand screwdriver
  • Painter’s tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil and fine point permanent marker
  • Hinge mounting screws
  • Door bumpers
  • Hammer or rubber mallet
  • Ruler
  • Scotch brand heavy-duty mounting tape
  • Hardware installation template

Before you install any doors or drawer fronts your prepared cabinets should be finished and completely dry.

1. Install Hinges

Align your hinge into the three-hole pattern. The hinges will only go in one way and should align easily. Once aligned, use your hammer or rubber mallet to hammer in the hinge. Do this for all cabinet doors.

Install Hinges
Drill Pilot Holes

2. Drill Pilot Holes

Use formula below to measure down from the top of the inside of the frame and mark a dot in center of frame. Do the same from bottom. This is where you will be predrilling for screws.

Formula: Hinge Bore Pattern minus Overlay = Predrill location

Hold up a new door to the opening and check to make sure the hinge holes line up with the marks you made.

Select a drill bit smaller than the hinge screw. Then, drill 1″ deep into the frame where you have made your marks. Do not go any further than 1″.

Drill Pilot Holes

When using compact hinges with single hole tab, The hole is always centered on hinge bore placement.

Drill Bore Patterns

Pro Tip

Wrap a piece of tape around your drill bit to mark 1″ depth.

3. Install Doors

Use a Philips driver bit on your power drill (recommended) or a screwdriver and drive a screw through each hinge’s mounting hole, mounting the door to the frame of the cabinet.

Repeat this process for all new doors.

After all doors are installed, use a screwdriver to adjust door alignment. Reference the instructions from the hinges you purchased on how to properly adjust your hinges. In this example, we used BLUM hinges that have three adjustments – the hole the door was installed through, the screw near the back of the hinge, and a screw near the front of the hinge.

Install Doors

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Predrill Drawer Front Handles

4. Predrill Drawer Front Handles

It is best to pre-drill for decorative hardware before you install new drawer fronts.

1. Place the decorative hardware to find a position you like – for pull handles, most people center on width and height.

Use a simple template to make sure everything lines up perfectly. You can either buy a hardware installation template made for this purpose or you can use a piece of cardboard to make one yourself.

If making yourself, mark your cardboard template where the screws for the pulls will go, then use a sharp object to punch holes in the cardboard.

2. If using a pre-made template, determine which holes you will be using, then place a piece of tape over the template and punch out only the holes you will use – this will help prevent mistakes

3. Place your template on the back side of the drawer front, and use a pencil to mark your drill holes. Hold your decorative hardware in place to double check that your drill hole marks are aligned properly.

4. Drill holes using a drill bit slightly larger than your decorative hardware screws. Wait to install the hardware until after you’ve affixed the drawer front to the drawer box.

Watch Tutorial: How to Install Drawer Fronts

5. Attach Drawer Fronts

1. Apply masking tape to your cabinet frame and use a pencil to mark your overlay of 1/2” on each side, top and bottom.

2. Place a 1″ square of mounting tape in each corner of your drawer box. This will be used to temporarily affix the new drawer front.

3. Carefully align the drawer front with the face frame using the marks you made on the painter’s tape.

4. Hold the drawer front tightly against the face frame and pull the drawer box forward to make sure it comes in contact with the drawer front (you may need to open the door or drawer below and reach in from behind the drawer to pull it forward).

5. Test your alignment. If you are not satisfied, use a rubber mallet to pop the front off and realign.

6. Secure the front to the box by installing your decorative hardware using your pre-drilled holes.

7. Place bumpers on the middle of each drawer front.

Align Drawfronts Install Drawfronts Drill Drawfronts
Install Door Knobs or Pulls

6. Install Door Knobs or Pulls

1. Use a purchased template or create your own using cardboard for consistency. Place your template on the door face and use a pencil to mark your drill holes. Hold your decorative hardware in place to double check that your drill hole marks are aligned properly.

2. With the door open, drill completely through the door using a drill bit slightly larger than the screw.

3. Using a drill or screwdriver, secure handle to the door. Note that if your door has a peel coat, you will want to remove it before installing the hardware.

4. Place bumpers on the inside corners of each cabinet door.

Installation Done