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Before and after image of a kitchen refresh from Gray Rose Home

The Cost of a Full Kitchen Remodel

The Average Cost

Renovating a kitchen is a significant investment, but understanding the costs can help you plan for your project. Let’s look at the average cost of a full kitchen remodel and explore some ways to keep the price within your budget.

The average cost of a full kitchen remodel varies greatly depending on the size of the kitchen, materials used, labor, etc…

Minor vs. Major Remodels

Minor kitchen remodels might include

  • New paint
  • Backsplash
  • Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Sink and faucet upgrade

Major kitchen remodels may also include:

  • New appliances
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Plumbing and electrical
  • New cabinet boxes

Most kitchen remodels fall between $20,000 and $50,000, with the average cost being about $25,000 – a hefty price tag and a hefty time commitment too.

Many homeowners want to upgrade the look of their kitchen but can’t justify the financial or time cost of a full remodel. One budget-friendly alternative is refacing.

Refacing – The Budget-Friendly Alternative

Let’s look at an example to see how Melissa Segelin (@grayrosehome) beautifully transformed her kitchen on a budget with cabinet refacing! We’ll break down the total cost of her refacing project using Shaker Doors and Drawer Fronts in Clay and Salt.

Products Used:

Final Price (Before Discount): $4188
With 20% Off Monthly Promo $3350

Total Cost Savings From Refacing

The average cost of a full kitchen remodel is about $25,000. However, Melissa Segelin chose a budget-friendly alternative by opting for refacing instead.

So, the total savings from refacing can be calculated as follows:

$25,000 (full remodel cost) – $3,350 (refacing cost) = $21,650 Cost Savings

Refacing offers a significant reduction in costs while still achieving a refreshed and updated look for the kitchen. It’s a budget-friendly option for homeowners who want to transform their kitchen without the expense and time commitment of a full remodel.

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