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Remodeled kitchen with white cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Eliminating Inaccuracies in Your Kitchen Face-lift

DIY enthusiasts can give their kitchen a makeover without spending too much money or time by opting for cabinet refacing. F+C’s website offers an extensive selection of styles and colors, allowing you to choose the perfect new look for your kitchen cabinets. Try the Measure With Confidence ™ program to ease your worries and cover your order in case of measuring errors! The beauty of cabinet refacing lies in its simplicity and the dramatic impact it can have on your space.

Tools and Inspiration

 Before diving into your project, gather your right tools and inspiration! You’ll need a tape measure, a pencil, and a notepad. If you want to capture before-and-afters, you’ll also need a camera! When you’ve got your tools, head over to our website to explore the myriad of cabinet styles and colors available. This exploration will inspire your project and help you choose the perfect design for your kitchen.

Measuring for Accuracy

Accurate measurement is the cornerstone of a successful cabinet refacing project. Begin by measuring the width and height of your current cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Remember to account for the overlay—the portion of the cabinet frame covered by the door or drawer front. A precise overlay measurement ensures a seamless fit and professional appearance. For an extra layer of precision, measure twice! For more information on measuring, view our measuring page!

Unparalleled Support

We understand even with the best preparations questions, and uncertainties can arise. Our team is always ready to assist you, offering support through LiveChat and our dedicated customer service number (800) 816-6422. If you need help to get started or have questions about measuring, we’re here to ensure your project progresses without a hitch.

Measure with Confidence™ Program

For those feeling unsure about DIY cabinet refacing, our Measure with Confidence™ Program can ease your worries. This safety net ensures measurement errors are covered up to your selected coverage amount. Get expert guidance and submit your project details through our online system. This program safeguards your investment, providing peace of mind.


Cabinet refacing is a rewarding DIY endeavor which can improve your kitchen’s look. Armed with the right tools, inspiration, and our continuous support, you’re on the path to success. Remember to “measure twice, cut once”, and approach your makeover with confidence. Front + Center is always here to assist, so your project crosses the finish line flawlessly.