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The JOY Factor: Elevate Your Home Happiness with DIY Cabinet Door Refacing

Modern kitchen with natural wood and fineline shaker cabinet doors from Front + Center in the color sage.

Embarking on a home improvement project is about changing aesthetics and creating spaces that resonate with joy. Your home remodeling journey needs to begin somewhere. Why not start where you can get the most joy out of your upgrade?

In her recent article (linked below), Brenda Richardson examines a report by the National Association of Realtors. The report highlights the home remodeling projects that bring the most happiness. You might be surprised to find out which room bring the most happiness for your dollar.

What is the JOY Factor? Unveiling the Essence of Home Happiness

The JOY Factor measures the joy and fulfillment people feel after finishing a remodeling project. This includes the visual appeal, practicality, and overall improvement of living quality in the renovated space.

Americans invest a staggering $400 billion per year in home renovations in pursuit of joy, Richardson points out. Only 35% of homeowners express a preference for moving to a new home rather than tackling the overwhelming task of remodeling.

The Perfect 10: Kitchen Renovation and Front + Center’s Expertise

The report unveils a complete kitchen renovation, a project that Front + Center specializes in, scores a perfect 10 on the Joy Score. This score signifies satisfaction and a profoundly heightened desire to be at home. What a powerful testament to the joy a meticulously transformed space can bring. Cabinet refacing is an affordable and sustainable alternative to a full cabinet box rip out and remodel. 

Front + Center’s engineered materials go beyond simple cabinet doors; they are a canvas for homeowners to craft personalized, joy-filled spaces. We offer a durable finish that enhances the appearance of your kitchen and gives you the satisfaction of a DIY cabinet door refacing project well done!

Thanks for reading this blog post about the joy factor and DIY cabinet refacing! To get started with your project, order a FREE Color Swatch from Front + Center!


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