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Fillers have a 1/16″ edge radius and are finished on the face and all edges. Fillers can be used in a traditional filler application or as a valance, crown moulding riser or other trim. The minimum width is 2”, and maximum height is 91”. The grain runs the height dimension.


  • Finish *


Measurements are communicated in Width x Height in inches, rounded to the nearest 1/16” (.0625). Use the Conversion Table for assistance converting inches to decimals.

Width must be greater than 2” and less than 48”.
Height must be greater than 2” and less than 91”.

  • Width *

    Min: 2Max: 48
  • Height *

    Min: 2Max: 91
  • Square Feet *

  • Price - Minimum *

  • Price - Calculated *

  • Weight (kg) *